Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Change of the Guard

Greetings Havocs!  I am working on some changes to my tournament list and thought I might share some of my progress.  Check out Capnmoe's post about DieCon from a month or so ago to see what my Guard looked like before.

Step 1: Good bye Shadowsword and Hello Cent Star!

The Shadowsword was a great addition to my tournament army as it gave me an answer to big things in the form of a ranged large blast D.  Ranged D has been nerfed.  The Superheavy rules also made this a somewhat risky choice as if it died it can take out large chunks of my army (and its a 500 point tank).  See the report of my game one at diecon for evidence.

In its place, Tigi has joined the guard and is bringing some Cents, Scouts, and a Drop pod.  So far, I have painted up the Cents.

Step 2: Take out a priest and add in the Inquisition

This accomplishes two things very nicely.  Number one it allows me to take Servo Skulls and with the addition of the new Space Marine (especially scouting bikes) to the mix of Death Star style builds out there I want to control where they are turn one. There is also usefulness gained in my Wyverns with the lesser scatter and the drop pod with the Cents is a little bit more accurate with the Servos.  It also gives me one more die in the psychic phase which brings me to the wonderful number of 5 dice per phase min (3 for Tigi, 1 for the Inquisitor, and 1-6 for the die roll). As long as Tigi has Invis (75% of games he will), I can throw 5 dice at the spell every turn.  Finally, the Inquisitor allows the squad he is in to go to ground while the Priest did not which leads me to...

Step 3: Aegis Defense Line

Place my Lascannon blob behind this (and the Wyverns as well) and suddenly I can go to ground for a 2+ cover and use an order to get back up the next shooting phase. Love it.

The working list I have at the moment is as follows:

AM Cad

No Slot

CCS with Lascannon and Officer of the Fleet

-PCS with 3 Flamers and Heavy Flamer (in Vendetta)
-3x Platoon Squads with Lascannon
-Saber Squad with 3 Sabers with Twin Linked Lascannons (joined by Commissar)
-Conscript Squad (47 Strong) (Led by Priest)
Veterans with 3 Melta Guns (in Valkyrie)

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
Wyvern battery with 2x Wyvern

Aegis Defense Line

Space Marine Allied Detachment



Fast Attack
Drop Pod

Heavy Support
Cent Squad with Grav, Omni Scope, and Sargent with Missile

Inquisition Allied Detachment

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Mastery Level 1 and 3x Servo Skulls

Monday, July 20, 2015

Welcome to the Thunderdome

The Thunderdome cometh! I finally finished painting up my Thunderwolf Cavalry this weekend. I'm super excited to get these guys on the table. I'll be using the Company of the Great Wolf Detachment which allows you to bring 1 HQ and 2 Elites base.

I'll be using 2x Wolf Guard battle Leaders, 2x Iron Priests, and a 3 man unit of Thunderwolf Cavalry. The plan is to pair them with either White Scars bikes or Ravenwing bikes. By taking the special detachment and pairing the independent characters with a bike Command Squad from either army, the unit will gain some crazy rules. Here are just a few off the top of my head:

Company of the Great Wolf Detachment will give all the cavalry WS5
The Characters will have Preferred Enemy in Challenges
Counter Attack
Feel No Pain from the Command Squads Apothecary
Skilled Rider
+1 to Strength on Hammer of Wraths
Hit and Run
All Grav or Plasma Gun shots from the bikers depending on faction
If Ravenwing add:
Reroll Failed Jinks

Needless to say, the death star should be extremely powerful and resilient. Finishing these guys means I can move on to the next part of my project. That means I need to assemble, paint, and convert 24 Dark Vengeance bikes, 2x drop pods, and few other Space Marine units that have been sitting next to my desk gathering dust. I have SO many models just sitting in boxes or bags right now that need attention and no time to get them done. Those include a Forge World Cerastus-Knight Acheron and the start of my Skitarii army. Thankfully, the rumor mill is saying the release schedule for 40k is gonna slow down until October when Tau will get an update. Guess I have until then to get my back log of models all finished up because I will undoubtedly want to expand my Tau when they come out lol.

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Video! A how to play Battle Report: DYSTOPIAN WARS!

Squoze Herald of Nurgle teaches Will the Fish Man how to play the awesome game Dystopian Wars!  Hope you like!


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Warhammer 40k: DieCon Gateway Grand Tournament 2015 Results

Overall Winner Andy Ford's Amazing Eldar/Imperial Knight Army Converted to Appear as Necrons.
The final standings were as follows:

Overall Winner: Andy Ford (Eldar/Imperial Knights)
2nd Overall: Adam Warnecke a.k.a. Capnmoe (Eldar/Imperial Knights)
3rd Overall: (Tau/Tyranids)
Best General: Eric Darrais (Eldar)
Best Painted: Tobias (Space Marines/Imperial Knights)
Sportsmanship: Dustin Beck (Grey Knights)

Eldar and Imperial Knights ruled the day. There was even an Eldar list that had 5 Wraithknights. I must say, I expected that list to completely run away with the win. To my, and I would imagine many other's surprise, he was tabled in the first round and started the day with a 0. All of the top Eldar lists contained a Farseer, jet bikes, and a Wraithknight. While the odd man Tau/Tyranids list had 3 Riptides, 3 Skyrays, and 3 flying Hive Tyrants. All brutal lists to say the least.
Capnmoe was running his Eldar/Imperial Knights Combo

Bill Keys was running his Astra Militarum

Full lists and game summaries after the jump.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I am very excited for Wrath of Kings

Soooo, for my birthday last week I picked up Wrath of Kings.  I have been eyeballing this game since I saw the painted models at Adepticon last year.  Well, the time was right and I picked up the book and a House Nasier starter box....

Friday, June 19, 2015

DieCon and the Gateway Grand Tournament 2015

This weekend is DieCon and the 2015 Gateway Grand Tournament! The majority of my 40k year is spent preparing for this tournament alone. A list of events and tickets can found and purchased here http://www.diecon.com/Main/. For the past 2 years I've won the title of "Best General" at this event. Hopefully this year I can finally manage to grab Overall Winner. If you love gaming, this is the place to be this weekend. I know they are also hosting Zone Mortalis, a 40k Character battle Royale, Combat Patrol, an Apocalypse game, War Hammer Fantasy, as well as open play. They also run a huge amount of Warmachine/Hordes, X-wing, and just about any board game or RPG you can think of. This year I'm bringing out my Eldar/Imperial Knight combo. Everything is painted and ready to roll. Bill Keys will also be playing in the tournament with his Astra Militarum. Can the Lonely Havocs bring the noise again this year? Stay tuned for updates.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Imperial Knights are Now Lords of War!!!

This is certainly going to shake up the competitive seen. Most tournaments only allow 1 Lord of War and usually at under a certain point cost. I'm betting we can say goodbye to seeing Adamantine Lance in any tournaments in the future. The new book even contains a handful of new "Lance" formations all of which I'm sure will not see competitive play of any kind. This has huge implications for my DieCon list this year. It would have featured a Knight Errant and a Wraithknight. Guess it's back to the drawing boards for my list.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Battle Report: New 7th Edition Eldar vs Astra Militarum DieCon Mission

Please click this link and play this video in the background for proper atmosphere while reading

Adam (Capnmoe) and I decided to do a test game of the new Eldar Codex vs my 1850 Astra Militarum DieCon list.  I have never seen so much D in one game.  Before I go into what happened in the game, lets take a look at the army lists and a few notes about the units:

Bill's (VaderSeven's) Astra Militarum CAD

No Force Org Slot-
Commissar (Attached to Sabres)
Priest (Attached to Conscripts)
Priest (Warlord) (Bellowing Voice Warlord Trait [can issue orders]) (Attached to Lascannon Infantry Squad)

Company Command Squad with Lascannon, 2x Sniper, Camo Gear, Carapace Armor, Krak Grenades, and Officer of the Fleet


Infantry Platoon
    Infantry Squad with Autocannon and Chimera
    Infantry Squad with Autocannon and Chimera
    Infantry Squad with Lascannon
    50x Conscripts
    3x Sabre Defense Platforms with Lascannons and 3x extra crew
    Platoon Command Squad with 3x Flamers and 1x Heavy Flamer (Inside Vendetta)
Veteran Squad with 3x Meltaguns (Inside Valkyrie)

Fast Attack-
Valkyrie (In Reserve)
Vendetta (In Reserve)

Heavy Support-
Wyvern Squadron with 2x Wyverns

Lord of War-


Adam's (Capnmoe's) Eldar CAD with Dark Eldar Allies

Farseer with Singing Spear (Warlord) (Conqueror of Cities) (Mental Fort, Terrify, Hallucination, Psychic Shriek)
Farseer (Terrify, Invis, Mental Fort, Psychic Shriek)
Archon with Webway Portal

10x Wraithguard with D-Scythes (All three HQ are attached to this Squad and it is in Reserve)

5x Windrider Jetbikes with Scatter Lasers
5x Windrider Jetbikes with Scatter Lasers
5x Dire Avengers in a Waveserpent with Scatter Laser
5x Dire Avengers in a Waveserpent with Scatter Laser
5x Wyches

Fast Attack-
8x Warp Spiders

Heavy Support-

Lord of War-


Since DieCon is quickly coming up we decided to do one of the missions from the packet that was recently released.  We settled on Mission 2.  The Primary Mission was Kill Points with a modification of being able to earn an extra 2 points for every force org slot type eliminated from the primary detachment.  If players did not have a unit in a slot they gave those points up.  The secondary was a modified set of Maelstroms. Bonus Objectives were Slay the Warlord, Solo Blood, and Line Breaker.  To see the mission in detail, visit this link and check out mission 2.

Adam won the roll off to decide who deploys first and choose to deploy first.  He then decided to go first and I failed to seize.  There was three Maelstroms objectives which I have circled in the below picture (they are number 1, 2, and 3 from left to right).  We rolled for Night Fight and there was in fact Night Fight. Let's get into the actual game now.

Battle Report After the Jump!