Monday, November 3, 2014

Warmahordes/Warhammer 40k Updates

My obsession with Warmahordes is at an all time high right now. After Playing against Dan's colossal Mammoth this past week, I am vowing to get a large based model for my next purchase/tournament win. I traded a Riptide I've had sitting around in its plastic wrap since the Titan Tournament in April, earlier this week for some Hordes models. Thanks to Reddit's /r/miniswap I managed to get about 50 points of Circle Orboros models from someone who was looking to get out of the hobby. Quite the deal. I painted up my first model from that haul last night.

The new models aren't going to be seeing the tabletop anytime soon though. The new 40k league starts this week at Fantasy Books and Games and I plan on bringing the Imperial Knight to the fray. I'm not sure which army/armies I'm going to run him with but he's definitely going to get some play time. The missions are all going to be Las Vegas Open missions which is a nice change from the straight Maelstrom missions that we had been doing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Warmachine: My Fully Painted Cygnar Army.

It took me since February, but I finally got the entirety of my current Cynar army painted. More pics after the jump. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New toy from Forge World, Building my Warhound: Part 1

Hi everyone SeeJay here, This is the 1st part of me building my warhound titan.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

40k: Blood Angels New Codex

Makers here, been away from the game for awhile as real life has been getting in the way, and after the push for DieCon I got extremely burned out for awhile. 

I have still been picking up the new codexes, supplements, data slates, pamphlets, booklets, biographies, etc...whatever the hell GW comes out with...

But the one that I'm really looking forward too is the Blood Angels codex towards the end of this year.

The problem for me, is that I am noticing a trend.

So many codexes lately have been nerfed into obscurity, specifically ones written by Matt Ward.
And some of them for good reason.

So far the rumors are as follows:

40k: Dark Eldar Test Model

Working in some DE commission!  

Haven't quite got the paint scheme figured out yet for the kabalites, here's my latest idea!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Imperial Knight Update: Transfers and Basing Materials

Like the title says, I got all of the transfers and basing materials on. The transfers went on great. I used Micro Set and Micro Sol then sealed them with Lahmian Medium to give them a matte finish. They look absolutely seamless with the paint job. Zero silvering effect. I am SUPER pleased with it. Now I just need to paint the base and this bad boy is done. I use bark to simulate rocks on my bases. It always works out well. They look great after I paint them up.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Imperial Knight Update & Battle Report: Eldar/Imperial Knight vs Tau/Farsight Tau/Chaos Space Marines

I finished all the painting on the Imperial Knight and he turned out fantastic. Now I need to finish the base and get the decals on. I ordered some Micro Sol and Micro Set. Once they arrive I'm going to take the advice I got from my last post and seal the model with lahmian medium or a matte spray once I get them on.

Last night I got this guy on the table for the first time. Sadly, due to my opponent, it may have been one of the most awkward and unenjoyable games I've ever played. To start, his list was about 2728 points from what I can tell. The league is supposed to run at 2000 points. That combined with his sour mood and whiny antics really just put me off. At any rate, here's a quick battle report.

Points: 2000 vs 2728ish
Deployment: Vanguard
Mission: The Relic

My List (Eldar/Imperial Knight):

Spiritseer (Warlord)(Dominate, Psychic Shriek, Hallucination)

5x Dire Avengers – Wave Serpent - Holo-fields, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers
5x Dire Avengers – Wave Serpent - Holo-fields, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers
5x Dire Avengers – Wave Serpent - Holo-fields, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers

Fast Attack
10x Warp Spiders
Heavy Support
3x War Walkers – 6x Bright Lances
Wraithlord – 2x Flamers, Scatter Laser, Bright Lance
Wraithlord – 2x Flamers, Scatter Laser, Bright Lance

Imperial Knight
Knight Errant

My Opponent's List From What I Gathered While Playing and From His Comments (Tau/Farsight Tau/Chaos Space Marines):

Commander Shadowsun
Cadre Fireblade
Chaos Sorcerer – Mastery Level 3, Mark of Nurgle, Terminator Armor, Power Fist, Gift of Mutation, Spell Familiar (Summoning, Infernal Gaze, Sacrifice)

Riptide – Twin-Linked Smart Missile System, Ion Accelerator, Early Warning Overide, Stimulant Injector
Riptide – Twin-Linked Smart Missile System, Ion Accelerator, Early Warning Overide, Stimulant Injector
Riptide – Twin-Linked Smart Missile System, Ion Accelerator, Early Warning Overide, Stimulant Injector
Riptide – Twin-Linked Smart Missile System, Ion Accelerator, Early Warning Overide, Stimulant Injector

6x Fire Warriors – Shas'hi, EMP Grenades, 2x Markerlight Drones
6x Fire Warriors – Shas'hi, EMP Grenades, 2x Markerlight Drones
6x Fire Warriors – Shas'hi, EMP Grenades, 2x Markerlight Drones
3x Crisis Team – 6x Fusion Guns, 3x Shield Generator, 3x Bonding Knives
3x Crisis Team – 2x Flamers, Missile Pod, 2x Plasma Rifle, 2x Fusion Gun, 3x Bonding Knives
20x Chaos Cultists - 20x Autoguns, Mark of Nurgle
30x Chaos Cultists - 30x Autoguns, Mark of Nurgle

Heavy Support
Hammerhead Gunship - Disruption Pods
Hammerhead Gunship - Disruption Pods, Longstrike

Aegis Defense Line

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How The Fist got his groove back

After a slow summer for hobbying and the advent of fall, it's time to get back into hobbying.

The lonely havocs have been slacking on the comment and we apologize. To all 5 of our fans on here,  we are truly sorry. Any who...

A few of us are taking a hiatus from 40k looks like,  switching it up and moving into more regular warmahordes game play. I know,  I know,  the privateer press bandwagon but it's not that I am on the GW gripe train, I just haven't been enjoying it lately. And playing a different game for while helps. It's motivation to pick up some new pieces, which I did, DAMN YOU MINIATURE MARKET!!

But, I digress, me and Squoze playing some this Thursday,  maybe we can squeeze a batrep or 2 in. But here is some of my recent work.

Convergence of Cyriss unit of perforators and corollary light vector. One squad of heavy ranged infantry and a flying battery, WOOT! Hope you fools like em